High efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership

The PowerWave 33's exceptional design meets all modern requirements of building and
operating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly data centers. The PowerWave 33employs
transformerless double conversion UPS topology and is avaliable from 60 to 500kW
The PowerWave 33 boasts features nad options that cater to customers" needs, including the
flexibility to accommodate an increase in power requirements and to provide N+1 parallel
redundancy. Easy installation and maintenance form the basis of the core design for this standalone
UPS system with front access to electrical connections and fully serviceable components.
Leading efficiency of up to 96% in double conversion mode minimizes running costs
Maximized output active power (kVA = kW)
Low input current total harmonic distortion (THDi)
Near-to-unity input power factor
Advanced scalable architecture up to 5MW
Full front access maximizes system serviceability
Control designed to with stand all kinds of loads
Variety of communication option available

Further highlights
Up to 96% effciency in double conversion mode minimizes running costs
Maximized ouput active power (kVA = kW)
Excellent input performance minimizes installation costs
Power density up to 636kW / m2 minimizes space requirements
Full front access maximizes system seriveability

PW33-60K 60kVA/60kW
PW33-80K 80kVA/80kW
PW33-100K 100kVA/100kW
PW33-120K 120kVA/120kW
PW33-160K 160kVA/160kW
PW33-200K 200kVA/200kW
PW33-250K 250kVA/250kW
PW33-300K 300kVA/300kW
PW33-400K 400kVA/400kW
PW33-500K 500kVA/500kW
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